My drawing style and my creative impulses have  always been  connected to the past. whereas, linked to old memories and the liking for classical and figurative art. However, it is difficult for me to develop perfectly coherence between the work I do, since all things experienced come back in a stealthy and messy way, generating an image frenzy, that seems to came out all at the same time. 

Obviously, there are common elements of my work, especially those that depart solely from my most distant memories, such as the collection Do Saco de Memórias, "From the memorie's bag", in which I use, in order not only to delineate creation but also to have a theme, some words pulled from an old sock to generate a composed image, where you can only see elements that belong to my universe, especially from my childhood. 

These are cases in which it is not possible to find any criticisms, concerns or judgments about social problems, or events, metaphors and phenomena of modern life. However, it is my preference to flow through new ideas, detached from clear objectives, which results in the different modalities that I approach in my work.

As an example, here is a text based on a critique kindly provided by the filmmaker Sérgio Andrade.


   I am Guilherme and this is a compilation of some of my work in

animation and illustration.

I was born in Santa Catarina State, South of Brazil, where I got a bachelor’s degree in Cinema and Video at the Universidade do Sul de Santa Catarina, having done a lot of work in painting and drawing and, mainly, Set Design and Art Direction. Being a designer by passion, at the end of the course I turned my attention to animation.

My themes and aesthetics, both in cinematographic work and in the plastic arts, have always followed a worldview in which nature provides us with the meaning of all things, and tries, whenever possible, to exalt its beauty, its connections, its savagery and its grace.

Earth, millions of years ago. The feel of this rough and Inhospitable image, seems to bring a mystery so exuberant and so intangible that can radiate the beauty of pure human constitutions: The reason that still wild, the spectrum of grace and the connection with all things.


The resulting collection is a fruit of a work which has begun in childhood and has  developed by the unnoticed facts and the hidden nature in each thing. The texture of reptilian skin, the silvery glow of multiform clouds, and the moist muzzle of some cub seems to be an artistic substrate, inspiring its legacy. By touching insects, collecting pebbles, twigs, beads and lints, drawings emerge flirting with imaginary traces of landscapes and families that are gradually completed with each small scrawl.

Thus, the images speak about subgroups of imagination, of kingdom of jaws, of hairy beings and the burlesque chimeras. All of them without portraits.


A continuous breaking of knowledge led to this case. Not by chance - which, in fact, always happens during the frantic dance of dust in the beam of a dizzy flashligh - is made in a no funny play of a breaking memory that only allows glimpses of total consciousness.


But in another gestation of ideas there was, perhaps, psychography of extinct ancestors, and lip, ocular and body reading of animals that did not speak, did not see and did not move foward. All this in the quest to unravel an intriguing enigma. Since it is impossible to finish the Universal Thesis of the Beings and the Curve of Days, then a punishment is generated. The condemnation to an eternal awaits without having the chance to understand the simple, the indivisible, the deceitful process of a synapse.




Do Saco de Memórias 1 - Quadro de coleção