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   I am Guilherme and this is a compilation of some of my work in

animation and illustration.

 I was born in Santa Catarina State, South of Brazil, where I got a bachelor’s degree in Cinema and Video at the Universidade do Sul de Santa Catarina, having done a lot of work in painting and drawing and, mainly, Set Design and Art Direction. Being a designer by passion, at the end of the course I turned my attention to animation.

My themes and aesthetics, both in cinematographic work and in the plastic arts, have always followed a worldview in which nature provides us with the meaning of all things, and tries, whenever possible, to exalt its beauty, its connections, its savagery and its grace.

 Since 2011, I have been working on animation projects for short films and opening spots. In 2017, I made a film of my own, Plantae, revealing a concern about the constant degradation of nature due to the human occupation of forests. In 2018, The Man in the Box was completed, a gothic thriller made with a lot of collaboration and dedication. Together, these films have received more than 30 awards at national and international festivals.

2019 was dedicated to a new short film that is being finalized, Storm and Drugs, based on the work of the Italian composer Dardust.

 In 2017 and 2018, respectively, I received two awards for illustrated reconstructions of Brazilian paleoenvironments, another latent passion to which I dedicate more and more my attention.

Feel free to ask me something, order a project or suggest anything.

All dialogue will be highly welcome!

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